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Call for speakers

DVB World 2024 will once again be centred on a full-day unconference. However, on the opening afternoon we’ll offer a programme of keynotes, presentations and panels. The idea is to bring participants up to date on the most important developments in the world of DVB-based solutions, inspire them about potential future work for DVB, and – ideally – prepare the ground for a rich programme of discussions the following day.

A little closer to the event, we will provide a means of proposing unconference sessions. In the meantime, we’d like your proposals for conference speakers. Use the form below to submit your proposal or idea. (See a list of potential topics of interest at the foot of this page.)

Submit a Conference proposal

Call for Papers
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Potential topics

Any proposal related to the family of DVB solutions will be considered, whether from a commercial, technical, research or regulatory point of view. Forward-looking proposals are of particular interest. Potential topics might include the following: FAST channels, object-based media, ad insertion, media over 5G, sustainability for media delivery and consumption, blockchain technologies applied to media, volumetric video, web media formats, AI for media, operator applications, cloud XR, from 5G to 6G, 3D media, low-latency streaming, open-source media tools, watermarking, token authorization, content steering, data collection and analytics, etc…