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DVB World 2023 will take place at the Maison de la Poste in Brussels on Thursday 22 June. The event will once again be run as an unconference.

Registration will open early in 2023.

Our unconference format means DVB World 2023 will be laser-focused on the topics and questions of most importance to you. We’re once again offering this highly interactive event format where the emphasis is on peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

Don’t take our word for it…. here’s what DVB World 2022 attendees said:

“Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, almost no direct sales pitches. Great format, inspiring.“
“Enthusiastic, smart people engaged in open discussion.“
“The unconference format worked very well. Every session I attended was relevant to my interests and I could have usefully attended many of the others.“
“The opportunity to network, listen and dream together.“
“An incredible venue and a well-organized and original event.“
“The best conference I have ever been to.“

The Agenda

The agenda was created live on-site by the participants themselves. Around 25 sessions were pitched and added to the agenda, setting the scene for a day of intense exchanges across a range of hot topics.
Below we list the sessions that were on the DVB World 2022 agenda.

  • Object-based broadcasting
  • Designing an overarching DVB-I demo for IBC2022
  • Introduction of enhancement and scalability tools in DVB
  • DVB as THE video streaming standardization body
  • Introducing the DVB Service List Registry
  • DVB writes and promotes its own specs. Should we also promote other people’s specs. If so, how?
  • DVB-HB (Home Broadcast) – Transition Solutions to DVB-I Ecosystem
  • DVB-I and 5G-MAG, DVB-I over 5G System
  • Immersive & 6DoF in DVB
  • What can DVB learn from the ATSC 3.0 initiative and vice versa? / How to sell DVB? Beyond “Next Gen TV”?
  • DVB-I Plugfest
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion – Is it ready for DVB broadcast or purely for OTT?
  • Measuring DVB-I
  • Native IP: How do we, as the industry, bridge the IP gap between the connected and less connected world?
  • DVB-I: Is it ready for Primetime?
  • Dynamic Broadcast Multicast – Improve reliability and spectrum utilization
  • Energy-aware DVB service delivery and consumption
  • How could a DVB-I-over-broadcast profile improve the end-user UX?
  • How do I show the benefits of DVB-I?
  • Is DVB “FAST” (free ad-supported streaming television) enough?
  • Scalable Video Coding
  • SD -> UHD, what/when is good enough? / How can DVB help guide through a multi codec world?
  • What should DVB deliver besides PDF?
  • What will TV services, devices and users look like in 2032, and what should DVB be doing towards that?


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