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DVB World 2024

Munich (smartvillage Bogenhausen)
19–20 March 2024 • Conference+Unconference

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Our unconference format means DVB World is laser-focused on the topics and questions of most importance to our participants. This highly interactive event format puts the emphasis is on peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

For 2024, we’re adding an extra half-day to the event, kicking off with an afternoon of keynotes and technology updates in plenary. It will be the ideal set-up for the following day’s unconference, where once again our participants will build the agenda on-site.

Call for Speakers (deadline 30 November)

Looking back to DVB World 2023

A total of 36 pitches led to 27 sessions at DVB World 2023, with a report submitted for each session. An overview of the sessions is available here (PDF). DVB Members and DVB World attendees can access the full session reports in our Unconference Hub. If you have not received a password, please contact the DVB Project Office.

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If you can’t find the information you need on this website, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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OUR 2023 Agenda

An unconference agenda is co-created live on-site by the participants themselves. At DVB World 2023, a total of 36 pitches resulted in 27 sessions being added to the agenda, setting the scene for a day of intense discussions across a range of topics.

  • SVTA Open Caching
  • DVB-I update, next steps, Q&A
  • All about haptics
  • Boosting SFN networks by enhanced DVB-SIS satellite
  • The DVB Academy?
  • Video content security beyond DRM
  • DVB-I: the long way to market
  • Film grain synthesis
  • Are you being served ? Help me spend DVB-PCM budget // (Further) Raising DVB’s profile – where and how
  • Broadcasting UHD HDR without duplication channels (Brazil, Japan, social media)
  • Closing the gap with an Amazon prime
  • Joined up DVB – sponsoring a set of live/linear OTT services using DVB specs
  • Can ‘good enough’ content be more sustainable? // Resilience vs sustainability – the global warming challenge
  • DVB-I Service Discovery // DVB-I Super Service Discovery by Country
  • A chance and a challenge of DVB for the new video (Volumetric video, Social Video, etc.)
  • Datacasting
  • OBM – what next?
  • DVB Services over Reference Tools
  • Making DVB access-ready // DVB-I and accessibility
  • Targeted Ad Insertion // Targeted Advertising: moving toward a market reality?
  • Should there be more commonalities between broadcast standards
  • DVB Home Broadcast – what for?
  • DVB-I metadata – prepare to go live
  • Sponsoring open-source projects to add support for DVB specs
  • Why not DVB-I today? Leveraging technology to create an ideal world?
  • Getting new codecs to market – quicker
  • Reinventing the wheel: DVB world 2024+