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This wiki is for sharing ideas for unconference sessions at DVB World 2024.

EDIT THE PAGE USING THE PENCIL ICON ON THE RIGHT. Please DO NOT DELETE the entries already added by others. You will need to Register and login first.

Place new proposals at the end of the page; start by copying the “Example session” below and paste it at the end of the page, replacing its name with the name of your session. Then add your session details as indicated.

NOTE: adding an idea on this page does NOT automatically place it on the unconference agenda. All sessions will need to be pitched during the opening circle on 20 March, and then they can be added to the agenda.

Unconference advice

Keep these four basic guidelines in mind in planning and hosting your session:

  1. Think about the outcome you’d like to achieve with the session;
  2. Decide on a good way to structure the conversation to reach that outcome, ideally keeping it quite focused;
  3. Try to hear from everybody who attends your session at least once;
  4. Take notes openly on a flipchart or whiteboard - this will help for filing your report too.

Sessions that tend to work best are those that share experiences, generate ideas, provide an opportunity to pose questions, and gauge interest on a given topic.

Participants react negatively to sessions that consist mainly of PowerPoint presentations and/or are seen as a sales pitch for a given product or service.


Session ideas

Example session title

  • Your name and company
  • Summary of topic: (A sentence or two describing the session)
  • Session goals: (Describe what you hope to achieve from this session)

DVB-I and Common Media Client Data (CMCD)

  • Jon Piesing, TP Vision
  • Summary of topic: CMCD, the benefits and stakeholders in the context of DVB-I.
  • Session goals: Better understand the broader benefits of CMCD and which stakeholders benefit, both in the general case and in the specific case of DVB-I. Understand what might be needed (e.g. in a DVB-I specification) to enable the use of CMCD with DVB-I linear services.

Lessons for DVB from 5G-MAG Reference Tools

  • Jon Piesing (as TM Chair)
  • Summary of topic: In the DVB Technical Module meeting TM6105, Thomas Stockhammer described how 5G-MAG organises its work on reference tools.
  • Session goals: Identify lessons that DVB could learn from this 5G-MAG work to improve how DVB organises its V&V activities and its sponsoring of open source projects.

DVB Sponsored Live Streams for V&V / Reference

  • Jon Piesing (as TM Chair)
  • Summary of topic: DVB makes V&V (Verification & Validation) on-demand streams available via There have been many inconclusive discussions about making live streams available. Live streams made available by others are helpful but may change or disappear. Previously this stalled in discussions about whether the focus was technical / marketing and managing expectations.
  • Session goals: Create a proposal for what DVB should do and how it should do it.

DVB-I implementers: what do you need?

  • Gordon Maynard (OnScreen Publishing), as moderator of the DVB-I Forum
  • Summary of topic: The DVB-I Forum, running on a Discord server, was set up in November 2022 as a place for DVB-I implementers to post questions, find answers, and provide feedback on the specs. However, despite a healthy level of sign-ups and some valuable discussions, particularly in the early months, activity levels have dropped significantly. This does not reflect the very high levels of interest and activity around DVB-I elsewhere. Perhaps the DVB-I Forum is not (or no longer) necessary, but are there other tools or services that the DVB Project could usefully make available to implementers, via the DVB-I website or elsewhere?
  • Session goals: Review the needs of DVB-I implementers; come up with concrete suggestions or proposals to take to the DVB Project Office and/or the Promotion & Communications Module

DVB-SIS V&V (Verification & Validation)

  • Dusan Statelov - MAINDATA, Ralph Edeine - EUTELSAT
  • Summary of topic: Thanks to the last year's DVB World DVB-SIS unconference session Eutelsat took responsibility for missing V&V. Current participants are Eutelsat, TDF, Towercast, Enensys, MAINDATA. Since adoption of standard it is first time when compliancy CSG and DSA from different manufacturers were reached.
  • Session goals: Enhance DVB-SIS standard: investigate whether further DVB-SIS work should be taken over by the DVB working groups on satellite (rather than the terrestrial group) as proposed by Eutelsat and ESA, fix errors and enhance the “hard to read” standard, and eventually work out implementation guidelines. Investigate creation of official DVB web page showing solutions that passed V&V testing, (as has been done with the DVB-I directory).

DVB-I and HbbTV Op Apps - the best of friends?

  • Raj Patel, Yotta Media and Gordon Maynard, OnScreen Publishing
  • Summary of topic: For platform operators planning to go hybrid it may look like a choice between DVB-I and an HbbTV Operator Application - but can you use both? Op App expert Raj Patel and DVB-I veteran Gordon Maynard will lead a discussion on the pros and cons of each approach and explore how the two standards can work together.
  • Session goals: Share knowledge of the requirements which platform operators will have for hybrid broadcasting and map out out these can be met using DVB-I, Op Apps or a combination of the two.
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